FAQ for Sellers

Artsandcrafts.com is an online marketplace where you can buy anything artsy or sell anything artsy. Choose from products and materials made all around the world by unique crafters and designers and deal directly with them, we won’t get involved.

Are there any fees?

Since we have recently launched, you WILL NOT BE CHARGED for the first 50 products uploaded in your store. Nada. If you are one of the first 500 sellers we aren't even going to charge you a commission fee for the first six months. Note: Paypal charges a small fee, See their guidelines here, but as for us, we just ask in return that you tell all your friends.

For a complete list of our industry low fees after the 6 month promo see here

How many products can I upload?

The first 50 products are FREE. Go ahead, keep all your money. (Wah wah wah sad trombone)

How do I open a storefront and sell my products?

On the upper left hand corner of every page you will see a tab “Sell on ArtsandCrafts.com” click there and continue with the step by step process to open your own customized storefront and begin uploading your products.

How do I accept payment?

A valid Paypal account is required. You must register your Paypal ID in your seller profile, before you can begin accepting payments. Once the buyers checks out you will receive your payment via Paypal.

Can I set shipping prices per product?

Yep! You can set a flat rate price for each product in your store. You can even set different prices for shipping outside the U.S.A.. if you would like to offer that service.

How do I report a problem?

If you experience or come across a problem with a buyer/seller (see artsandcrafts guidelines) shoot us an email at support@artsandcrafts.com We’ll be prompt, we promise.